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Part Walking Horse Registry

To be eligible for registration with us, all horses must be half, three-quarter, seven-eighths, or pure-bred Tennessee Walkers.

We do not require gait but do require proof of sire or dam's registration in one of the following Associations

  • Tennessee Walking Horse Breeder's and Exhibitor's Association
  • International Pleasure Walking Horse Registry
  • Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse

Breeds We Recognize

We give recognition to the foal's sire or dam that may be another breed such as a Foxtrotter, Arabian, Paint/Pinto, Appaloosa, Quarter Horse, Pony Breed, Warmblood, etc. We require their registration certificate/pedigree, so it may be included on the PWHR certificate.

Part Walking Horse Registry

The Process

The PWHR requires current color photos showing the full right and left side views, including all four feet. One picture must show the front face view, be sure to move the forelock away from any face markings.

All applications must be typed or printed in ink, and care should be exercised in providing accurate information regarding dates, detailed description of markings, and legible copies of registration certificates. This is important as the applications are an important part of the records.

Registration Fees

Part Walking Horse Registration, Transfer, Duplicate Certificate and Name Change Fees

  • Permanent Registration $50
  • Transfer $40
  • Duplicate Certificate $40
  • *Name Change $40

*Please Note: The name of a registered horse may be changed upon payment of $40, provided it has NOT sired or produced a foal.

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Part Walking Horse Registry