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Dedicated to preserving the historical attributes of the part-bred Tennessee Walking Horses

Welcome To The Part Walking Horse registry

Part Walking Horse Registry

Grace Larson and her husband started part Walking Horse Registry in 1998 to fill a need for registering the offspring of Walking Horses registered with horse breeders who breed other registered breeds.

Considering the variety of different breeds that have been crossed with Walkers, we at Part Walking Horse Registry realized that it is beneficial to be knowledgeable of different breeds of horses and their pedigrees. And subsequently, we know that owners of part walking horses who want to document the heritage of their horses deserve no less than the best we can provide.

Part Walking Horse Registry

What We DO

The Part Walking Horse Registry is open to half, three-quarter, seven-eighths, and pure-bred Walking Horses whose sire or dam was not blood type.

We don't require a gait, but we require proof of the sire or dam's registration with either the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' and Exhibitors Association, the International Pleasure Walking Horse Registry, or the Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse.

Our Mission

Our mission is to register and record part-bred Tennessee Walking Horses in the United States, Canada, and Internationally with a high level of integrity and accuracy. Dedicated to preserving the historical attributes of the breed, we also aspire to encourage the ongoing improvement in the quality of the Tennesse Walking Horse.

Our History

Part Walking Horse Registry

For Grace Larson, creating the Part Walking Horse Registry was just the next logical step following several circumstances.

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Part Walking Horse Registry

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Part Walking Horse Registry

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Part Walking Horse Registry

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Part Walking Horse Registry

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Part Walking Horse Registry

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