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The Winds of Spring


Photo Gallery

Dandelion Delight

Giovannis Sunrise
Dandelion Delight (PWHR #040919) Giovanni’s Sunrise (PWHR #000347)

Goldust Golden Girl

Chapa Dara
Goldust Golden Girl (PWHR #980214) Chapa Dara (PWHR #081223)

Chiefs Classic Beauty

Classys Cut Bad Boy
Chief's Classic Beauty (PWHR # 031231) Classy’s Cut Bad Boy (PWHR #970681)


Jeannies Dixie Doll

Lucky Breeze

Jeannie’s Dixie Doll (PWHR #000610) Lucky Breeze (PWHR #010798)


MBs Loos Irish Breeze

Oh Golly Miss Molly

MB’s Loose Irish Breeze (PWHR #081226) Oh Golly Miss Molly
(PWHR #000361)



Precious Reign

Pepper (PWHR #960109) Precious Reign (PWHR #002715)


RM Rhythms Spirit

Sierra Sensation

Wortmanns Frosty Sue and A Trace of Raider

RM Rhythm’s Spirit
(PWHR #002714)
Sierra Sensation
(PWHR # 930842)
Wortmann’s Frosty Sue (PWHR # 010454) with her
dam A Trace of Raider (PWHR # 880453)




Palomino in Spring Orchard



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